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ToG left the Foss Friday morning to spend the "heatwave weekend" on the hook in Gig Harbor. This is what we've been waiting for! We were expecting to see many more boats in the harbor but there was plenty of room to pick a good spot and settle in for a few days.  Steve and Tracey joined us Saturday morning...good to get the boats together again! We did our usual trip to the Harbor General Store for sandwiches to enjoy at 7 Seas.  We kayaked, took dinghy rides to cool off, and hung out with our good friends. We huddled under our puny umbrellas, drank, listened to music, danced, and possibly scared off a few other boaters.  On Sunday, we listened to the Mariners and the Angels BIG FIGHT! and watched a boater get screamed at who couldn't quite get his vessel anchored correctly.  Such fun!

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