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Fun Weekend!

It's always fun to watch historic boats like the Argonaut II above. Also fun to watch the fishing fleet in Gig Harbor: The Stay Awhile felines, other than scaring the bejeezus out of me a couple of times, are entertaining and adventurous. Both Phoebe and Henry have taken unplanned swims (not this weekend thank goodness). Steve was able to grab them both but Steve...really...get a cat net! Phoebe sits on ToG's prow as Henry explores: This was a wonderful, fun, relaxing weekend. Much appreciation for our dear friends Steve and Tracey for sharing food, wine, stories, music, walks, laughs....and cats.  We are headed home this beautiful Labor Day afternoon and will begin providing daycare for Ren and Mac bright and early tomorrow morning.  Can't wait. 🥰

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